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Report from the Riverside Fish and Game meeting

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March 7, 2012 11:00 AM

The NRA has gone ALL-IN in support of Fish & Game Commissioner/President Dan Richards and WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN. Commissioner Richards is the victim of a politically motivated attack by HSUS and other anti-hunting extremists.  See: ALERT and ALERT and ALERT

The response to our calls for support for CA Fish & Game Commissioner Dan Richards is absolutely HUGE!!!  <see attached picture>

The room is FULL and the overflow rooms are FULL also.  There is STANDING ROOM ONLY in the rooms and in the hallways.  A few, and I mean only a few, anti-hunters have spoken to call for the ouster of Commission President Richards.  But HUNDREDS of supporters (many of them answered the NRA call to action) attended to show their support for Commissioner Richards.  Dozens of these people spoke in support of Mr. Richards.

THIS HAS BEEN A HUGE VICTORY, but this is just the first round of this fight.  We must continue to keep the pressure on the legislature and the Governor.  Don’t think that the HSUS and other anti-hunting groups will go away.  Next, they will shift there focus to other venues (probably the legislature and the Governor) where they think they have a better chance of winning.  Please refer to the links above for contact information for the Governor and Legislature.

THANK YOU all for your efforts and support.  This fight will continue and we ALL will be involved.



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