Month: April 2012

Until today, I didn’t realize that they have a kiddie pool over at Huff-n-Puff. Then I came across this whiney piece by a student named Jess Coleman. By the way, they’re called students because they lack education. L’il Jess showed his woeful need for an education with his explanation of what the 2nd Amendment really means. You know that part where it says “the people”? That apparently really means “The National Guard”. Madison and all of those dead White guys were actually worried about the Army reserve being unable to defend itself against the Army.

Just to recap: Students are called students because the lack an education.

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Larry Bell at Forbes asks a legitimate question: Will a president Romney stand our ground against 2nd Amendment attacks?

The presumptive GOP nominee was at the NRA convention speaking to the membership. Bell points out that Romney needs to woo conservatives to his cause and that gun owners are a large and important part of that constituency. Gun owners have reason to question Romney’s commitment to protecting our right to keep and bear arms. In 2008 he attempted to distance himself from the NRA and gun owners.

So what should a gun owner do?

Obama is clearly an unacceptable choice. He’s an anti-gun politician’s politician. But to be blunt, Romney may be no better. And while I think that he’ll beat Obama like a drum, he may lose. So gun owners, and more generally conservatives and libertarians, need to think about Plan B. Plan B in this case is a Congress that simply will not cooperate with an anti-gun president, no matter what his name is. For NRA members, this means watching for your election issue of your NRA magazine with candidate recommendations for 2012. Support Representatives and Senators who support you. And remember that not all of them will have a little “R”after their names.

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I just saw an op-ed piece at the NYTimes with a common bit of gun grabber silliness. This particular opinion column had the formulaic I’m-a-hunter-but anti-gun construction that NYC liberals like to see. I guess it helps them to convince themselves that they aren’t the anti-Red-state bigots they really are. But I digress…

The writer proudly proclaimed that as a hunter and sportswoman, she doesn’t own guns for self defense. The implication here is that a gun is unsuitable for private ownership if it cannot be used for some sporting activity. To believe this, however, we must then believe that the Founders meant to protect a right to keep and bear sporting goods with a Constitutional amendment. This is as silly as saying that the 2nd Amendment was intended to protect the National Guard that wouldn’t exist for another century or so.

Adding to the goofiness is the author’s belief that if your handguns are confiscated, she’ll still be allowed her hunting rifle. Sorry sweet cheeks, but that “sniper rifle”of yours will have to go too.

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From NRA-ILA: Hunger Games Star Chides PETA

The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence has some choice words for the whack jobs at PETA…

In discussing a scene in the film where Lawrence guts a squirrel, the star told Rolling Stone magazine that the scene was not faked: “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA. But screw PETA.”

It should also be noted that Miss Lawrence’s role has started a resurgence in interest in archery; particularly among young girls. We rarely see shooting or hunting portrayed in a positive light in Hollywood. Seeing the consequences of government run amok portrayed on film is rarer still. And there are still 2 more films to go in the series.

(On a side note: Some parents may be wondering if The Hunger Games is appropriate for young children. It most certainly is not! I would, however, recommend it for teens. While the message that an all-powerful government will drift into tyranny may not be the one the film makers or the writer intended, it is the message that gets delivered. Our country would do well if our children got to see that message on screen; especially as teenagers and especially before “higher education” gets a crack at them!)

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