L.A. tosses gun owners into the brier patch

The Los Angeles City Council really needs to read up on How Mr. Rabbit Was Too Sharp For Mr. Fox.

The L.A. City Council passed a pair of anti-gun bills today. The goofiest was a ban on the possession of “high capacity” magazines. You read that right. It’s not just a ban on sales, but a ban on possession. The ordinance authorizes the LAPD to confiscate magazines as a “public nuisance”. The other ordinance was a change to the way ammo sales are reported in the City. Currently, LAPD officers must physically visit each gun store to collect the useless data. That data is then stuffed into a box someplace in the bowels of Parker Center, never to be seen again. The new law allows the LAPD to save a few trees and collect the useless data electronically. It will then be stored on a hard drive, never to be seen again.

The magazine confiscation law is unconstitutional on its face. It’s a taking under the 5th Amendment and as such the magazines must be paid for. The ordinance makes no provision to compensate owners for their lost property. Furthermore, though State law prohibits the sale of new “high capacity” magazines, those already in private hands are legal to possess. The State legislature knew an illegal taking when they saw one and stayed out of that brier patch!

I smell another big payday for the NRA’s attorneys here in California. The L.A. City Council ought to go and talk to their counterparts in San Francisco about how much it hurts to be in the receiving end of one of those invoices.