The Great California Magazine Grab of 2016

Fudd – Noun

A hunter or other shooting sports enthusiast who believes the 2nd Amendment is about hunting or shooting sports. A Fudd typically despises owners of “non-sporting” arms.

Fudds are favorites of the media. That’s because the mating call of the wild Fudd sounds something like “Imagunownerbut”, “Imahunterbut”, or “Imanenaraymemberbut”. Their melodious call is followed by reasons why they support whatever “sensible” gun control legislation is in the hopper at that moment. The Fudd is driven to this by the belief that his hunting or sporting arms will be exempted from the next ban. He also believes that, at some point, the “sensible” gun banners will be sated and they’ll stop asking for more gun laws. “Goalongtogetalong” is how his mating call ends.

The Fudd is also known for his distress call “Butitsnotsupposedtobeaboutmyguns!!!”

Guess what Elmer: SB 1446 is about your guns.

SB 1446, Hancock, redefines “high capacity” magazines to include those with sufficient volume to hold more than 10 rounds. This bill bans possession of these magazines regardless of when they were acquired.

Existing law defines a “high capacity” magazine as one that will accept more than 10 rounds. A 30-round AK magazine that has been pinned to prevent loading more than 10 rounds is thus not a high capacity magazine. This bill will outlaw such a magazine because it has sufficient volume to hold more than 10 rounds. Since this may be confusing, I’m hoping that this video will clear things up…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what are several thousand frames worth?!

Under SB 1446, starting July 1, 2017, all such “high capacity” magazines would have to be destroyed, surrendered to the State for destruction, or moved out of State. Since many otherwise legal firearms accept magazines this large as their standard magazine, those firearms would be rendered unusable should this bill become law.

For now, no action is required of members. The bill has not been assigned to any committees yet nor have any votes been taken. Continue to follow these pages or for more information and updates.

As promised in the video, the text of the bill is linked above.