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Just the FAQs Ma’am…

What is the NRA?

The National Rifle Association was started in 1871 by former Union Army officers. Its purpose was to promote rifle marksmanship. You can read more about the organization’s history here.

Why is the NRA opposed to all gun laws?

The NRA isn’t opposed to all gun laws! We are opposed to gun laws that unnecessarily infringe on the right of law abiding citizens to keep and use guns. In fact, the NRA has helped to write many of the laws that we have today.

(It’s just too bad that the current Administration refuses to enforce those laws, the Webmaster mutters…)

Does the NRA sell guns?

No, the NRA doesn’t sell guns. We aren’t an extension of the gun manufacturers either. We represent the interests of hunters, shooters, and other law abiding gun owners.

How many members does the NRA have?

By the end of 2000, we were at 4 million and growing. (I suppose that we should send Algore a thank you card.)

Can I see the membership list?

No… And neither can we! The NRA is a NY corporation. Under NY law, the membership list is kept secret.

Is the NRA part of the Republican Party?

We’re the National Rifle Association, not the National Republican Association! At this point in history, GOP candidates generally support the right of an individual to keep and bear arms. This isn’t universally true. Neither is it universally true that Democrats oppose that right. Former Assemblyman Rod Wright, a liberal Democrat from South-Central L.A., was one of our most loyal friends in Sacramento. If you want ideological purity on this issue, then the Libertarian Party is your party. If you want to support one of the major parties and your right to own a gun is important to you, then the Republican Party is the party for you. If the thought of defending yourself against violent crime scares you, or you find it disturbing that others might wish to defend themselves rather than rely on the police getting there “in time”, then the Democrats are for you! ;-)

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